New Bloggity-Blog

Alas, the time has come to bid farewell to the old and long-neglected blog, and move forward into the future to as-yet-unforseen art and rants. Should nostalgia for bunnies or naked people strike you, however, The Funnyhoneybee will always reside here, unless of course the internet one day decides to eat it. The beast must be fed some time, I suppose.

With a new name and a new job, it only makes sense that I should follow up these developments with a new blog, so welcome to How Roode!, where the art is cold and the women are fresh. No, wait..... the art is fresh and the women are cold. No..... Okay, so the tagline needs some work. Suggestions are welcome.

Until I can get some real posting underway, however, please visit the website of my illustrious employer, Anthem Design Group. Come back soon!

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