Zombies and Ladies

Since the project is currently undisclosed, I can't give details about what we're currently working on at Anthem. However, I will drop this little sample of character design, because we didn't end up using these ones. They are a zombie and a survivor, and I dig the lady because she looks like she could totally survive the zombie apocalypse, no?

Zombies aren't really my thing, however, so I thought I'd also include this from a recent model session.

Not the best I've ever done, but since I draw so few clothed models, I like to give it a go every now and then. As it is, I probably won't be returning to this model session for some time, because the organizers (whom I know and who are awesome) chose the seediest spot in Atlanta to hold it. This probably has to do with budget limitations or similar issues, but being the prudish square that I am, I think I'll wait until they move again. I know, I know, "You draw naked people, but you don't want to go to a strip club?" Well, they're not the same thing! Exactly. Quite.....

Coming soon: a huge, gushing post about Heroes Con 2010!

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