Some Animation Tests

A few months back, when I was seeking a position to follow up Rivet, I completed a couple of animation tests that I have recently received clearance to show.  Though neither company had an available position at the time, they are both very kind to allow me to post my work.  So, without further ado, here they are!

The character is the property of MinoMonsters, a cool mobile game company in San Francisco.  Though the test was fairly wide open, I decided to make it an exercise in speed.  I completed the build (rig), animation, redrawn frames, and FX in four hours from start to finish.

This character is the property of Mindsnacks, yet another awesome mobile game company in SF.  The test was likewise wide open, so I decided to take the opposite approach here and make a longer animation, mostly redrawn, more of an acting piece than the game action of the previous clip.

In both cases, the motion came out somewhat fast, which I attribute to the fact that they were animated at 24fps, while for the previous year, I've been animating mostly at 12fps.  I'd like to take the time to do somewhat more carefully-paced, hand-drawn animation in the near future.  Meantime, however, it's back to work, and wish you all an excellent (and cool) rest of the Summer!

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