Some Graphic Design....

There was a time when type seriously intimidated me, but with practice and some terrific critiques from friends, I've been able to improve to the point where I feel comfortable showing off my work. Here are a couple of recent samples:

This is a logo header for a blog at which I am also a contributor. Since any imagery would probably skirt the line of subtlety and taste, I opted for more of a "storybook" approach.

This is a call-out for Stork and Sprout, a wonderful group of doulas who specialize in birth and postpartum support. They wanted a personal touch on the site, so I designed this to provide that and to complement their existing visual theme.

If you're noticing a theme here, well.... you should! My life has been totally consumed by this squishy and adorable little person over the last year, and even though Mommyverse is a strange and confusing place at times, I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

I've also been pretty busy with non-baby work lately, however, so [believe it or not] I will have more work to show soon!

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