Branding an Etsy Shop

A mommy friend of mine recently opened an Etsy shop featuring adorable geek wear for kids, and she needed a banner for her page. I wanted to provide her a logo that would be easily adaptable for any purpose, and cheap and easy to print as needed. She gave me the shop name, showed me some examples of other sellers' pages that she liked, and taking into account her playful, feminine personality, I came up with this:
Shop Link
I liked doing this because it's so informal and accessible compared to some of the other projects I've been working on (still waiting for clearance to post those). I'd love to do more small designs like this for blogs and so forth.

The clothes are super-cute, too, so if you'd like to outfit your baby with Star Wars or Doctor Who clothes, check it out!

In related news, I now have a one-year-old! It's such a cliche, but this last year has really flown by!

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